Hive Alive is a biodiversity survival and sustainability program, initiated and offered by LivRite. This program has been designed keeping in mind a community and environmentally conscious consumer. It enables and encourages new-age businesses and families to contribute to our ecosystem, bee-health, biodiversity, our environment and bee-keeper livelihood; simply by adopting their own bee family. While it costs nothing more than the regular cost of a jar and does not require any commitment of time; the adopters in turn receive some of the country’s most authentic, fresh, seasonal honey, collected by their bee family; delivered right to their doorstep, every month, from their own bee home.

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BEE Engaged - together we can do a lot more!
HIVE ALIVE - Making bees thrive, one hive at a time!

Our efforts towards taking social responsibility and ensuring sustainability:

We are Apiculturists & avid supporters of the little magical creatures who generously share their sweet food with us.

We believe that honey is a wonder food that the world can’t live without. Honeybees pollinate 2/3rd of the food on our planet. Which is why it is extremely important that we do as much as we can to help protect these magical creatures. Our Hive Alive initiative, enables us to protects bees, helps increase their population and improve livelihoods of our rural communities through beekeeping. This is a sustainable pathway out of poverty for several communities.

We have understood with time, that simple, low-cost and local styles of beekeeping work best. For our farmer community, nature is real wealth.

High-output, capital intensive, automated beekeeping systems do not make our community less poor or help them grow much.

More intensive, artificial beekeeping, while appearing to yield greater honey harvests, is risky – and when things go wrong, they can go very wrong.

For beekeeping to be ecologically sustainable we reject beekeeping systems which undermine the bees’ social immune systems.

Above all, we recognise that beekeepers in difficult environments need to be empowered with access to skills, knowledge, information and infrastructure and we try our best to provide the same.

No one bee exists for itself. Instead, bees exist in colonies, working together to build and maintain a strong community within the hive. Likewise, HIVE ALIVE cannot make a massive impact alone. We can only grow stronger with the support of businesses and individuals who share our vision.

We welcome businesses and individuals to adopt as many bee families as possible.

If you would like to contribute to make this vision a reality, reach out to us at

Our initiative aims to create 1000 new bee families, and impact the lives of atleast 250 bee-keeper families in India in its first phase.

Together with HA we want to offer a pathway out of poverty that is environmentally sustainable and uplift the ecosystem on which thousands of bee-keeper families rely for their livelihoods.

So, the next time you have honey, it should be from your own little happy home of bees.
Remember, the more bee families you adopt, the more value they add to your life and to the environment.
Every jar received by you, is in itself a testimony to your contribution. Now isn't that just amazing!

Type of Honey Months Source Location
Kashmiri Acacia July-Aug-Sept Kashmir
Eucalyptus Oct-Nov-Dec Haryana / Punjab
Sidr Jan-Feb Rajasthan
Himachali Multiflora Mar-Apr Himachal Pradesh
Lychee May-June Punjab / Uttarakhand
  • Minimum adoption is for 6 months and maximum for 2 years
  • Supply of honey starts from the 15th of every month
  • First supply of honey will begin 30-45 days from your date of adoption
  • The entire operation is conducted in a natural habitat. Therefore any changes caused due to weather conditions or an act of nature might lead to some changes in the honey variants sent to you
  • LivRite’s Apiary Management System is an in-house developed system which help beekeepers manage their hives effectively to ensure premium hive health. It also provides complete transparency from hive to shelf
  • Live Tracking – coming soon!


Please select grammage and preferred duration for adoption

While we take time to construct and install a new home for your bee family,
here is what you can buy now from our honey store:

BEE Engaged - together we can do a lot more!
HIVE ALIVE - Making bees thrive, one hive at a time!