LivRite is a story of two outsiders to the world of Apiculture. We wanted to create a brand unlike any other; with a product that is what it says it is! We searched for bottled honey that was truly honey; but couldn’t find any, so we created our own brand. Customers don’t have to be honey connoisseurs to taste the difference. Industry gospel says each jar should taste the same wherever, whenever you buy it. But our honey is happily inconsistent. Just like wine of vintages taste different, fruits each season taste and look different so does honey taste and look different every season. Each taste great in their real form, which is more important than uniformity.


Premium Honey Range

Wellness Range

All natural, clean label, honey throat soothers.
Especially formulated for kids.

Honey based immunity
enhancer shotz


Hive Alive

Hive Alive is a biodiversity survival and sustainability program, initiated and offered by “LivRite”; which enables businesses / individuals to adopt and nurture their own bee family and bee home; and get some of the country’s most authentic, fresh, seasonal honey, delivered right to their doorstep; from their own bee home in return.


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    Sourcing, Processing
    & Traceability

    We take immense pride in how our products are responsibly sourced and our facilities are flawlessly managed. Here’s a deeper look at our obsession for quality and sustainability.


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    Our “Beelicious” honey is high quality and packed with powerful health “bee-nefits.” It’s also naturally sweet and delicious without any adulteration or sweeteners like corn syrup or sugar. Indulge with confidence. Read on for more insight into nature’s sweet treat.