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If you've ever wondered what heaven tastes like, indulge in our flavourful Kashmiri Premium Honey. Made from the nectar of some of the most exquisite flowers nestled in the virgin valleys of Kashmir, our honey isn't just the tastiest, but it's also one of the healthiest.

Each spoon of our Kashmiri Premium Honey is sure to tantalize your taste buds to the fullest.

personal favourite of our friendly beekeepers, our Kashmiri Premium Honey is carefully extracted keeping discerning consumers in mind, just before the temperature falls to sub zero. Not only is it full of antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins, but also rich in pollen, because our one-of-a-kind filtration process keeps all the Kashmiri goodness intact by processing at only 40 degrees.

With not a hint of sugar or fructose or corn syrup added to it, our Beelicious Kashmiri Premium Honey is positioned to entice the most demanding taste buds with its delicate punch, while working therapeutic wonders to your body.

400 gm, 250 gm, 30 gm

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Health Facts


Sure, honey is all natural, but it's still a hefty source of sugar, right? Unlike table sugar and the foods that contain it, honey isn't simply a source of "empty" sweet calories.

Simple sugar provides no nutritional value, and creates a sugar rush and sugar crash. Honey, while still a sweet treat to be used in moderation in a healthy diet, contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids in every single bite. Our process of harvesting raw, all natural honey and then processing it at only 40 degrees, preserves these powerful nutrients, making our honey a potent treat for the health conscious.